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Things to do on the farm

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Kayaking or Paddleboarding on the big pond


Kayaks, a stand-up paddle board, a pedal boat, paddles, and PFDs are provided for you to enjoy a leisurely paddle around the pond, "Catfish and McKoi".  




The 30 acre property has open pasture, trails around the ponds, and forested areas for ample hiking.  Additionally, 6 Ponds is located 20 miles from the Appalachian Trail, the Bartram Trail, and other Chattahoochee National Forest Trails for the more serious hikers.  Drop off and pick up is provided for a $15 fee.


Bikes are available free for use around the farm.




The farm is rich in bird life.  Hawks, belted kingfishers, ducks and geese on the ponds (winter only) and many songbirds and migrant species are common.  We lead bird hikes at your request.


Feed the Fish


Kids and adults alike enjoy feeding the fish in the largest pond.  Watch catfish, bluegill, and koi eat right out of your hand.  


Fishing is allowed on the farm.  Fishing rods are available for free if you don't have your own but you wiil need to bring your own bait.  Catch and release only please.


Create in the Art Studio

Use the supplied paints and canvases to create an original art piece in the art studio.  Visitors and guests are free to use the studio for fun and imagination.


Work on the Homestead


Learn what it takes to work on a homestead.  There are always projects in construction and routine work to be done.  Whether its gathering eggs, feeding the chickens, weeding in the garden, plowing, maintaining the blueberries and raspberries, there is always something you may be interested in doing.  Learn skills you may have always wanted to learn i.e. growing plants from seed, transplanting, starting a garden, raising chickens, etc.  Contact 6 Ponds to learn what projects are currently in progress and let us know what you want to learn.


Feed the Rabbits, Donkey, and Goats


The animals are ALWAYS hungry and they would like nothing better than to have a tasty treat any time of day.  Baby rabbits are always fun to hold and play with.


Light A Fire


There's nothing like a warm fire under the stars at the 6 Ponds fire pit.  Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or cook a meal over the spit, but you will enjoy an evening by the fire.  There are also horseshoe pits and a swing at the fire pit.


Hot Tub

Spend a cold night in the hot tub if you are staying in the treehouse and warm up as you watch the stars. 

Take A Dip in the Salt Water Pool


If it's summer, the salt water pool is a great way to cool off and have some playful fun. (Available only to guesthouse rentals)

Visit the greenhouse and herb gardens

The farm boasts organically grown herbs & plants in the pasture and in the greenhouse (in season).


The newly built 50' x 20' pavilion is available for retreats, reunions, picnics, or other events.  Contact us at 423.505.2227 for addtional information.

Build a 3-D Wooden Barn Quilt

Check with Gilda about taking a class in building barn quilts.  These are not painted but are 3 dimensional works of art made of wood. 


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